Sharmeen Khan Memorial Foundation (SKMF) is a Karachi based non-profit organization registered under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984. The Foundation is established in memory of the late Sharmeen Khan, a woman of honor and integrity, who was personally committed to building a better world. Her untimely demise in December 2013 strengthened her family’s resolve to set up the Sharmeen Khan Memorial Foundation (SKMF) and continue her relentless philanthropic pursuits of giving back.

SKMF aims to be a platform for empowering Pakistani youth by providing them with the literacy levels they rightly deserve coupled with vocational training skills to equip them with relevant training and skills. Our other project is improving civic amenities through our water sanitation and drinking water projects.

The SKMF team comprises of individuals who not only have relevant experience in this space, but are committed to seeing a lasting change in the basic standards of living in our nation.

Pakistan lags behind in meeting the targets of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set forth by the United Nations. The SKMF has identified distinct areas in need of immediate focus to initiate a change in society. These areas are:


These areas cover different sectors but are directly linked to one goal: improving the standard of human development that will further improve the prospects of the nation’s youth. We believe that by providing our youth with the necessary skills, we will enable them to not only improve their own lives but also those of their future generations.


Sharmeen Khan Memorial Foundation One small act of kindness starts a ripple effect change. Together, with your support we can make a difference and create better opportunities for those that don’t stand a chance. Join us to help provide free education, clean water distribution and health care for those in need.