Eye Checkups

SKMF provides its students with free eye checkups and glasses for students with weak eye sight. Many students face difficulties in their studies because of their eyesight and many parents cannot cover the cost of eyecare resulting in students suffering academically. SKMF provides health care facilities for all students as well as their families.

In terms of the newborn mortality rate, 46 babies died before the end of their first month for every 1,000 babies born, ranking Pakistan the riskiest country for newborns. In terms of infants lacking immunization, nearly 37% of all one year olds have not had basic vaccinations.
At SKMF our aim across the healthcare side is to continue to track and improve the nutrition of our students across our adopted schools. We provide students and teachers with basic health checkups at the Quaideen Campus. In late last year, each of our1,200 students were given a complete, comprehensive physical examination including but not limited to a nutritional assessment, ear, nose and throat check-up as well as basic dental hygiene checkups. SMFK through its healthcare efforts has also provided free eye tests and reading glasses to over 300 students in need of these.
We believe that the impact of education for our students will only achieve results when the students are in a disease-free and healthy learning environment.

Recognizing that a link between helping disadvantaged people meet their basic healthcare needs and building healthy communities exists, our program will also focus on health education and preventative care, allowing children to remain healthy and able to go to school. This program will also extend healthcare facilities to the students’ families.

Pakistan’s infant and maternal mortality rate is alarmingly high and while access to basic healthcare is a fundamental right, very few enjoy this right. For many even the most common injuries and illnesses go unnoticed or untreated due to lack of access doctors or due to healthcare facilities in the area being understaffed and ill equipped. An impoverished community leads to backward development (what does this mean?) and poor growth. Overpopulation of cities is one of the major factors contributing to the heavy burden on local healthcare facilities that leaves many impoverished segments of society unable to access our healthcare systems.

  • In Pakistan almost 86 children per 1000 die before the age of 5
  • Some 6.6 million children under 5 years of age died in 2012, mostly from preventable causes
  • Neonatal Mortality Rate is 42%
  • Health Care Projects such as nutritional assessment, ear, nose and throat check-ups, basic dental hygiene checkups, free eye tests and reading glasses for our school students.
  • Mobile Healthcare Units
  • Basic Healthcare Clinics
  • Provision of basic medical supplies (to whom and where?)
  • Awareness raising in communities about healthcare issues